What is a Swagbuck?

Swagbucks…I thought someone sneezed when they first told me that word. I was pretty weary about signing up. Why would a company want to give me giftcards/perks for FREE? Swagbucks is a site that awards points to you for completing certain tasks. The idea is that the site advertises certain companies/brands/etc. on their site. You view the advertisement (and they hope that you buy/sign up for whatever is being offered). Then you get points put into your account. It’s a win for the company advertising, Swagbucks gets $ for posting the advertisement, and you get points to use towards rewards.

Here’s how my daily swagbucks get rewarded. There’s an “Earn” tab in the upper left corner when you sign in. In the Earn tab are tasks you can complete to earn FREE Swagbucks.

1. Daily poll. This is an easy 1 Swagbuck. They ask a really random question. You click an answer. You get a free Swagbuck.

2. NOSO. Translation = No Obligation Special Offers. Click the start earning now button. You get thrown into a series of about 5 advertisements that try to get you to sign up for something. If you scroll to the very bottom of every offer, you have an option to “skip” the offer to view the next one. At the end of the series, you have to type in a phrase to get your free 2 Swagbucks.

3. Search. Swagbucks also serves as a search engine (like google). By using Swagbucks as your hub search engine, you can be rewarded random amounts of Swagbucks, anywhere from 6 – as much as 100 Swagbucks. There are a few search rules.
– The best times to get search Swagbucks are once in the morning, once mid afternoon, and once late-ish evening.
– It may take you a few searches during each of the best times to get awarded. It usually takes me about 3-5 searches.
– You can get a Swagbuck hold put on your account for searching too quickly in a row (i.e. only searching for the sake of getting Swagbucks), so take your time and pause between searches.
-Fridays = Mega Swagbucks day. The points awarded are up-ed during your searches.

4. Surveys. I’ve dabbled in this a few times. You get 1 Swagbuck for each survey you try and get disqualified (up to 5 points per day). All surveys completed are awarded the points shown for each survey. I’ve gotten as much as 300 points in one survey. They usually do take some time, at least 10 minutes. All times are posted on the surveys area as well.

5. Your Swagbucks inbox. There’s some special offers, easy videos to watch and earn. Check your inbox daily (it’s to the left of your swagbucks total)

6. Random Swagcodes. Swagbucks likes to give out random codes at random times. You usually have to do a little digging to find the code answer. Swagbucks is very particular about bloggers just blurting out the answers. My favorite facebook site for Swagbuck codes is Swag Code Alerts. They alert you via news feed when a new code comes up. You click the link and get the swagcode and the location of the code. They do all of the work for you :)

7. SwagTV. Get Random amounts of Swagbucks (usually 2-3 bucks) per TV ad you watch.

Ok…the proof. I signed up in August of 2011. Since then, I have collected $250+ in Amazon giftcards. ($5 Amazon giftcards are only 450 swagbucks, probably the best deal on their site). There’s lots of other options available for rewards as well. AND, for completing one survey, I got some really nice freebies send to my house! So you just never know.

So get going! Swagbucks gives you 30 points just for signing up!

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  1. Saving Said Simply says

    Hi Karen! Swagbuck codes are usually a strange combo of upper and lower case letters and numbers. Codes are posted on their facebook page, in their blog (on the site), their twitter account, etc. The best thing is to become a fan of Swag Code Alerts via facebook. They’ll alert you with the code location and the code :)

  2. Saving Said Simply says

    Hi Liz ~ Click the link above to take you to the Swagbucks site. Sign up and follow my steps above everyday to earn points. The Amazon giftcards are the best rewards to get at 450 points, but there are other giftcards and prizes to redeem as well. Please let me know if this helped!

  3. says

    I still don’t understand the search engine part.. Is there certain searches that only get Swag bucks, or just randomly? The site is still so confusing to me…

    • Saving Said Simply says

      It is VERY random. Usually it takes me up to 8 separate searches before they award me bucks. The key is to take time between searches. Don’t just search every few seconds.

  4. Jo says

    Thanks so much. I thought (after reading your wall this am) that I should have automatically get a gift card. I am going to order some today but FIRST, I have some questions. Do they come as a gc or an email, and by looking at the sb each denominations take, are $5.00 Amazon the best deal

    • Saving Said Simply says

      They come as a code that gets put into your Swagbuck giftcards area (under your points “My Giftcards.” The $5 Amazon giftcards are one of the best deals. I noticed that if you use Restaurant.com, they have $25 giftcards for 400 bucks, also a great deal!

  5. Kimberly Martini says

    I love swag bucks ive got free signed cd 4 or 5 posters free a laptop skin for free :] and all free shipping!!

  6. Anonymous says

    When SB posts their codes on their FB and such, will they announce that is is a SB code? Or will it be a secret thing that you have to figure out on your own? I “liked” the Swag Code page but they haven’t posted anything over the past couple of days. I didn’t know that that means there are no codes or they just hadn’t found them yet. Thank you!

  7. Anonymous says

    Swagbucks TV isn’t random. If you watch it on a computer or iPad, you have to watch 10 short movies to get 3SB. If I’m sitting at the computer, I will have it running. You can watch the SB Meter at the top and when the percentage changes (approx 30 seconds), you can click to the next movie. I’m having a little more trouble figuring it out on my iPhone. I don’t know the exact number of movies, but you only earn 2SB per number of movies. You can click to the next movie around 28 seconds (I haven’t tried it any earlier than that). The phone app is finicky and can be a pain; sometimes it puts me in a “timeout” which I think is a way they try to make sure we aren’t leaving the app running (which I do). I hope this helps! Grace Y.

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